Construction Cleaning

After a building or remodeling project is complete, there is often a great deal of dust and debris left behind. Getting a building in tip-top shape after construction is done involves a special set of skills, which means this type of work is best left to a construction cleaning professional.

Trash Removal

Construction workers often leave behind bits of lumber, drywall, and nails whenever they leave a job site. There may also be remnants of siding, wiring, or insulation to dispose of. The first step in cleaning up a construction site is to remove trash and debris so general cleaning can be accomplished. This often requires the use of a rented dumpster, especially when cleaning up in new subdivisions.

Sawdust and Particle Removal

Once trash and debris are disposed of, the next step is to get rid of heavy particles. This is normally done by sweeping up as much of these particles as possible with a heavy push broom. Once this is accomplished, the entire area can be vacuumed with an industrial strength shop vacuum. Sawdust and particles on the outside of the home may need to be vacuumed up with this device as well.

Walls and Ceilings

The walls and ceilings of newly constructed homes may contain a great deal of dust. This dust comes from sanding drywall mud after it is used to seal the cracks between sheets of material. It is extremely important to remove all the dust before adding a coat of primer, as this can affect how well the product adheres to the surface. The best way to remove dust from drywall is by using a damp sponge. This could require several cleanings to get rid of all the dust, and can be time-consuming to do as well.

Cupboards and Closets

Every nook and cranny of a new home should be spotless before potential buyers view it, and this also includes cupboards and closets. The inside of each cabinet should be thoroughly wiped down and then the top and sides of the cabinets cleaned as well. Closets should be free of trash or building materials and the doors thoroughly wiped down. Once this is accomplished, the floor inside the closets should be thoroughly swept or vacuumed.

Window Cleaning

Before showing a new home to prospective buyers, windows should be thoroughly cleaned inside and out. Windows are normally one of the first things people notice whenever they visit a new home, so these should be sparkling clean and smudge free. Very tall windows could require the use of scaffolding or a long-handled squeegee in order to get completely clean. Others may be cleaned using solution that attaches to the end of a garden hose.

Cleaning up after a construction crew is often a complicated project because of the many aspects involved in it. Attention to detail is very critical because people who are interested in buying a new home expect it to be immaculate when they inspect it. Using a construction cleaning service is one very efficient way to do this.